I’m the Cat’s Meow!

I meant to have this done earlier but I just didn’t, that pesky RL got in my way. So someone very special to me (no not Dustan even though he is my world) gave me this catsuit…I had posted on plurk (http://www.plurk.com/butrflyangel) that I needed a catsuit and he gave me this suit, so I thank motman veerwood or Dakota as he’s known by as well…anyways I thank him for the catsuit. Also I am super excited to announce IKON IS BACK! Ikon took some time off and it was well deserved though I am excited that Ikon is back to designing eyes. These eyes (if you can see them) are new and a group gift so get them and hurry. Lastly because it’s the most important thing, the pose prop is by *~*HopScotch*~* and it’s been awhile since I posted her things cause of RL once again…moving on this pose prop is at Oneword and it’s a cat theme (see the need for a catsuit) so go and get it because everyone wants to feel like Catwomen. Alright I’m off so I’ll see you all next time.

P.S. In an anonymous plurk I want to thank whoever really likes my blog.

cat_001 cat2_001


Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Alyx – Peach – Sultry (Past Group Gift)

Eyes: IKON – Hope Eyes – Denim (New @ IKON and Group Gift)

Eyelashes: Tameless – Lashes 35

Oufit: Graves – The Cat

Shoes: Ducknipple – Abba Boots

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* – Call me Meow (At Oneword)

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Let the Zombies Reign!

So I’ve never really believed in this whole post apocolyptic world or zombies attacking. I’ve actually never seen walking dead but I know what it’s about, so when I heard that this month’s theme for UBER would be apocolypse I was a little iffy if there was going to be things I liked. Well I was half right, I had seen these boots by DeadWool on plurk and I just had to have them. Then of course the TRUTH hair and I was thinking what the heck am I going to wear with this? So then I remembered Damien Fate was having a sale and he had apocolypse kind of stuff so I bought it and paired it with the Maxi Gossamer jewelry from UBER and I think I did a good job. Oh I apologize I didn’t know that the background stuff didn’t rezz all the way until I started editing my pics.




Skin: -Glam Affair- – Artemis – Jamaica 06 (New @ Uber)

Eyes: IKON – Vanity Eyes – Glen

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Rogue Mesy – Optional Gas Mask included (New @ Uber)

Oufit: FATEplay – Moira – Light

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Ukai’s Talismans (New @ Uber)

Bracelet and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Ukai’s Talismans (New @ Uber)

Shoes: [Deadwool] – Patmos boots – Black (New @ Uber)

Tattoo: !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Bliss Tattoo

Pose: !bang

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So Much Newness!

There is so much newness in this blog post that I had to do collages which I hate doing sometimes but I had so much to show you all that I didn’t know what else to do. This blog post has mostly 20.FIVE and Ducknipple items and it has taken me a couple of hours to get this done so I hope you enjoy all the newness. Now on to the pictures…enjoy and enjoy your weekend.


Outfit 1:

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Nissa (New Release)

Dress: 20.FIVE – Sinas Dress

Shoes: 20.FIVE – Helga Heels (for Slink High Feet)

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 2:

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Lilith (New Release with added Headband)

Top: Ducknipple – Lien Top

Pants: 20.FIVE – Jude Pants

Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Athena – Silver (Past Group Gift)

Shoes: Ducknipple – Ernest Heels (for Slink High Feet)

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 3:

Hair: pr!tty – Ami II – .Reds.

Outfit: 20.FIVE – Dolfijn Outfit

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Handcuff Set

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 4:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Barbara – Gingerbread

Swimsuit: 20.FIVE – Beau Bikini

Necklace: (Yummy) – Spyglass – Silver

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 5:

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Oceana

Swimsuit: 20.FIVE – Ruftie Bikini

Necklace: LaGyo – Shell Necklace

Pose: Glitterati (on MP not this pose)

Outfit 6:

Hair: Little bones – Cosmic

Top: Ducknipple – Vanish Top

Skirt: 20.FIVE – Lina Skirt

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Tiny Dagger

Pose: Kirin


Outfit 7:

Hair: [e]: Richelle

Outfit: 20.FIVE – Ravil Dress Outfit

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 8:

Hair: Exile – After The Rain – Sparkle Black (Subscriber Gift)

Oufit: 20.FIVE – Sadie Outfit

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 9:

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Jinx (New Pastels)

Outfit: 20.FIVE – Skyler Outfit

Pose: ILAYA (old hunt pose)

Outfit 10:

Hair: Clawtooth – Say Yes – Vampire Red

Dress: 20.FIVE – Venue Dress

Pose: Kirin

Outfit 11:

Hair: ISON – Diamond

Outfit: Ducknipple – Brit Sweater (New for District 5)

Pose: Glitterati (on MP)

Outfit 12:

Hair: [e] – Reva

Outfit: Ducknipple – Harriette Set (New for District 5)

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* – Naturally Set 1

Oufit 13:

Hair: (Chemistry) – Lyric – Chocolate

Dress: Ducknipple – Suspect Dress (New for District 5)

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* – Naturally Set 1

Outfit 14:

Hair: Little bones. – I Get Around (Past Group Gift)

Top: Ducknipple – Notta Corset

Skirt: Ducknipple – Nepal Skirt

Necklace: Cute Poison – Gamer Necklace (May not be Available anymore)

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* – Naturally Set 2

Other Credits:

Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Harley – Crystal (Make-up and lipstick included)

Eyes: IKON – Vanity Eyes – Glen

Eyelashes: -DAMNED- – Flirty Eyelashes

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I’m Your Puppet!

I am really late with these shoes, they are by *~*HopScotch*~* for Dreaming Tree and are only available until Sunday night. So please hurry and go get them before it’s too late. Also TRUTH came out with two new hairs, the hair I’m wearing that come with skelly hands add ons. They are currently at his mainstore and Clover comes with two bang options. So go and check them out, I showed both a close up of the shoes and Clover 2 in this post..

Happy Sunday and enjoy your week.

P.S. I wanted to be a dolly and found this great pose prop on MP and I’ve wanted doll joints for the longest time and I found these and bought them, and I’m all caught up with Ducknipple which makes me happy.





Ribbet collage

A close up of the Big Bang Shoes and of Clover 2, both using an old Glitterati pose and she’s only on MP now


Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Sora – Alabaster Skin (Lt. Smoke, Classic Pout Lipstick Black and Curvy option)

Eyes: IKON – Vanity Eyes – Glen

Eyelashes: Tameless – Lashes 35

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Clover (New Release, optional Skelly Hands)

Nails: Bella Elephante – We’re All Mad Here (Oneword past Group Gift)

Ball Joint and Strings: !bbc – Doll Joins Tattoo Plain

Top: Ducknipple – Bmai Top

Skirt: Ducknipple – Pleat Skirt

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Razor Heart – Group 1

Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer – Loa Happy Skulls

Shoes: *~*HopScotch*~* – Big Bang Heels (Dreaming Tree Item)

Pose Prop: {Mole End} – Le Petit Theatre – Toil & Trouble


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Night on the Town!

This is kind of late I wanted it to be done a couple of days ago but never got to it.  I’ve been lazy again. Anyways the only things that are new are the top which is from Ducknipple at the Chaise which is from [Fetch] for We <3 Roleplay.  I am just gonna leave at that and let the clothes speak for themselves, though I did want to make it seem like I was getting ready for a night on the town with the lovely sl hubby…Anways enjoy!

gettingready_001 gettingready2_001



Skin: Essences – Linka – Medium (Out at The Dressing Room Fusion)

Eyes: IKON – Vanity Eyes – Glen

Eyelashes: Tameless – Lashes 35

Hair: pr!tty – Rae – Red Pack

Feet: SLINK – Flat Feet

Top: Ducknipple – Panghang Top

Skirt: -Pixicate- – The Dark Skirt

Pose: Glitterati – Sass and Cute (on MP only)


Chaise: [FETCH] – Odetta Chaise PG (new at We <3 Roleplay)

Vanity: {what next} – Isabelle Vanity

Plates: Floorplan – French Plates

Rug: Kost – Lucretia Rug

Marquee: Floorplan – Eiffel Tower Marquee

Shoes: Fri.Day – Venus Heels – Navy

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I’m Gunning for You!

Happy Saturday and I hope you all have a great weekend. So I do this post and take a breath of relief as this is the last 20.FIVE new release item I have to blog (yay) well at least for right now that is…haha! This outfit is all denim and has a hud to change the denim color of it. Also the shoes, the shoes, the shoes, the shoes…hehe! They are OF COURSE by *~*HopScotch*~* and are a preview for a new event coming this month called Slink Obsession you MUST HAVE the Slink medium feet to wear these. I love them and I also matched my hair to the red piping of the shoes and I think it works. When I paired everything together it screamed for the need of a desert so my lovely friend Sarahbear18 GossipGirl told me about the Tableau sim and I forgot it was a desert sim so I tped over flew around and viola! So enjoy my pics!

badbitch1_001 badbitch2_001


Skin: -Belleza- – Bella – SL Light brow

Eyes: IKON – Vanity Eyes – Glen

Eyelashes: -DAMNED- – Flirty Eyelashes

Hair: Exile – Stone Cold Seduction – Extremes – Firecracker

Outfit: 20.FIVE – Geral Denim

Bracelet: Pure Poison – Cool Unisex Bracelet (Past Group Gift)

Shoes: *~*HopScotch*~* – Sidney – Black/Red (Preview for My SLink Obsession)

Pose: [Thoranus] – Girl with Gun (Found on MP)

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I’m so Lazy!

Well like the title says I’m so lazy…lol! It’s true though I am quite lazy, I don’t try to be but sometimes it happens. Okay do everything I have on and around me is new, new,new. The necklace however is a preview for an event starting this month but I like it with the top and kept it on and well as some items from my last post because I was lazy and decided to leave them on but I think they work to. The hair is new and from TRUTH at Uber so hurry and get it it comes with two versions that I’m both wearing in this post. So enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

lazy_001 lazy2_001_picnik


Skin: -Glam Affair- – Kallisto – Jamaica (was past Romp item)

Eyes: -Labyrinth- – Sparkle Eyes

Eyelashes: -DAMNED- – Flirty Eyelashes

Hair: TRUTH Hair – Malibu – Ginger Pack (Versions 1 and 2 Seen out at Uber)

Nails: MONS – Rocker Nails

Top: 20.FIVE – Cami Top

Crops: 20.FIVE – Skinny Jeans

Necklace: [Fetch] – Birna Necklace (Preview for Tales of Fantasy Event starts August 10th)

Shoes: Ducknipple – Amiga Heels (Slink Medium feet not included)

Tattoo: !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Stardust Tattoo

Pose: !bang

Furniture: [Fetch] – Tiffany Set (Out now for The Challenge)

Other Accessories: ~Tres Blah~ – Various Past Arcade items

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