I’ll Be Home For The Holidays!

As November is winding down, December will be starting and that means Christmas. It’s already happening in the real world as all the malls and stores all have Christmas ready to go…with that new events and old events in world. One of the old events that’s great to go to every year is Tannenbaum. I am absolutely in love with everything at the event and I am always finding something new to want to buy. I hope you all manage to get there and get all the ornaments and clothing and decor that the event has to offer. Also make sure to hit up Whimsical for these stockings…omg.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Lua Eyes – Green

Hair: TRUTH – Makenna (Past Group Gift)

Skin Applier: -Glamd Affair-

Eyeshadow: Izzie’s – Festive Shimmer Eye Make-up (New @ Tannenbaum)

Listick: Izzie’s – Shimmer Lipstick (New @ Tannenbaum)

Nail Polish: DP Koffin Nails – Frosted Foliage – Silver (New @ 4Mesh)

Dress: :V.e. – Velveteen Lace Gown – Red (New @ Tannenbaum)

Shoes: #Empire – Wallflower (Past Luxe Box item)

Earrings: Cae – Yultide Earrings (New @ Tannenbaum)

Pose: oOo Studio


Fireplace: ChiMia – Yultide Fireplace (Found @ Redeux Black Friday)

Chairs: ChiMia – Leather Dining Chair (New @ Tannenbaum)

Candelabra: ChiMia – Yule Candelabra (New @ Tannenbaum)

Tree: ChiMia – Tabletop Christmas Tree (New @ Tannenbaum)

String Lights: Dust Bunny – String Lights – Colored (New @ Tannenbaum)

Stocking Holder: MudHoney – Larson Stocking Holder (New @ Tannenbaum)

Stockings: Sway’s – Christmas Socks – Pine, Denim, and Smoke (New @ Whimsical)

Don’t Speak!

ROMP is in full swing and I believe this is my first ever ROMP post. Well at least a post featuring more than one item. Everything that is in the pictures is from ROMP. There was just so much that I couldn’t help but go a little bit over board. What really makes these shots are the Spreader bar from *~*HopScotch*~* and the dress by Sweet Thing. I had originally wanted something a bit different but I didn’t have the person on so I enlisted the sl/rl love to help me…he was basically my prop…hehe! He looks dashing though as my master sitting there surveying his sub. I hope you like this post and you also hit up ROMP for these items.

P.S. the poses are two different ones but with the spreader bar it looks the same but I assure you they are different.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Lua Eyes – Green

Hair: TRUTH – Makenna (Past Group Gift

Skin Applier: -Glamd Affair- – Mira – Artic (past arcade item)

Dress: Sweet Thing – Wicked Royalty – Scarlet (New @ ROMP)

Mouth Piece: AsteroidBox – Mouth Silencer – Silver (New @ ROMP)

Bar: *~*HopScotch*~* – Spreader Bar (New @ ROMP)

Shoes: Sweet Thing – Wicked Royalty Heel

Pose: .Infiniti. – Good Girl


Bar: *~*HopScotch*~* – The Gentleman’s Bar (New @ ROMP)

Chair: Bueno – Proper Chair – Vandalized (New @ ROMP)

Toy: Ama. & Nais – Ride it (New @ ROMP)

Rug: Lisp – Mulberry Vintage Jewel Rug Wine

Skybox: *NW* – Sinbox Skybox (New @ ROMP)

Come Play With Me!

Come play with me!!! This dolly needs some playmates, someone left me in this horrible mansion and tore my eyes out and drew Xs over my eye sockets. Hehe! So mostly everything I’m wearing is from Birthright and every year they do a different theme with tons of prizes. This year’s theme is like a voodoo theme with some of the more famous well known serial killers known. It started in October but is going through to who knows when. So hurry before it’s gone.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Demon Eyes

Hair: TRUTH – Scout

Skin Applier: -Glamd Affair- – Zoella – America

Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – Finger Print (New @ Birthright)

Dress: Sakide – Magnolia Dress – Dirst (New @ Birthright)

Stockings: Sakide – Magnolia Stockings – Dirst (New @ Birthright)

Shoes: Fri.day – Velvet Janes – Abyss

Face Tattoo: ~SongBird~ – X’ED Make-up (New @ Birthright)

Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo – Black Magician (New @ Birthright)

Ball Joints: Sweet Thing – Ball-Jointed Doll Applier

Pose: Serendipity Poses

But First Coffee!

Gacha Garden started and DP Passion has some really pretty nails that you can win. Also it’s Friday and it’s another week for Fifty Linden Friday so hop around and make sure to get everything I’m wearing. Not much else to say so have a good Friday and weekend.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Tokyo Eyes – Pale

Hair: TRUTH – Makena (Oct. Group Gift)

Skin Applier: -Glamd Affair- – Abigail – Artic

Lipstick: [PF] – Pure Matte – Pinks Pack

Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – Gacha Garden – Roses & Thorns (New @ Gacha Garden)

Dress: Clef d Peau – Veneta Dress – Satin (For FLF Today)

Choker: Amala – Kimberly Choker (For FLF Today)

Earrings: Amala – Madeline Earrings (For FLF Today)

Shoes: Phedora – Abby Heels (For FLF Today)

Pose: //Secret Poses// – My Coffee Mug

Bone Mama!

So there’s only a few more hours left for Once Upon A Nightmare, make sure to get all the awesome items to buy and then presents. There’s some good things to be had, I am unable to show the other nails from DP but I have included the picture so you can see all the ones you can get. Also I just wanted to be a skeleton for today, I got this awesome dress at Pixicat as part of Hocus Pocus and this was FREE! Now the way it works is you go to the stores that are invovled in the event and you find the pumpkin and say ‘hocus pocus’ in local if the pumpkin likes you you get the item for free. You can only do it every 24 hours but if the pumpkin doesn’t like you it’s okay everything costs L$50.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Lua Eyes – Evil Eyes

Hair: Exile – Autumn Breeze (New Mainstore Release)

Skin Applier: -Glamd Affair- – Milu – Badgirl (Past FLF item)

Face Tattoo: PMS – Dirty Sugar Skill Tattoo

Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – Wolf Moon (New for Once Upon A Nightmare event)

Dress: Pixicat – Bodycon.Dress (New for Hocus Pocus)

Hand Jewelry: Astralia – Skeleton Hand

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Loa Happy Skulls

Shoes: REIGN. – Thigh High Sneakers – Spooks – SKELLY

Pose: Paper Rabbit – Poses 37-42 (can be found on the DOE sim)

What You Scared Of?

Just a short little blog here, there’s still time to get some of these hauntingly good items. Make sure to hit up these events before they are gone. The backdrop is still at Salem and it plays on phobias, this one is for Agoraphobics which is the fear of being in open places. That’s the opposite of me I have a fear of closed-in spaces, which they have that too.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Demon Eyes

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Hazel (Past FLF item)

Skin Applier: -Glamd Affair- – Danni – America (Past FLF item)

Lipstick Applier: Izzie’s – Halloween Colors Lipstick Set (New for Once Upon A Nightmare event)

Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – Autumn Mix (New @ Cosmetic Fair)

Top: ISON – Julie Leather Harness (New mainstore release)

Pants: Caboodle – Punk Leggings (New for Once Upon A Nightmare event)

Rings: (Yummy) – Divinity Ring and Nail Set (New @ N21)

Pose: //Elephante Poses// – Fright

Backdrop: .gh. & LAGOM – Phobia Scene – Agoraphobia


If I Only Had A Brain!

There’s a new event that started called Once Upon A Nightmare. It’s from the people that brings you Epiphany, what it is is that several designers have put some Halloween themed items out at their maintstore that you can buy and then they have hidden an item for a store hunt as well. There’s some really great designers in the mix, http://bepsl.com/once-upon-a-nightmare-mainstore-event/ that’s all the information that you can find of the event.


Eyes: Izzie’s – Demon Eyes

Hair: !Oleander – Freckle – Bloody Massacre – Werewolf (New @ Salem)

Skin Applier: [PF] – Adeline – Crystal (Eye shadow included)

Nailpolish: DP – Koffin Nails – Fall in Winter’s Hollow(New @ Trick or Treat Lane)

Slit Throat: Izzie’s – Slit Throat (New @ Salem)

Dress: ISON – Julie V-cut Bodycon (Luxe Box item)

Choker: ::Static:: – Barbed Wire Necklace (New @ The Nightmare event)

Necklace: Nova – Ouija Board Necklace (New for Once Upon A Nightmare event)

Shoes: Phedora – Magica Hells (Past FLF item)

Pose: Belle Poses – Liv (New for Once Upon A Nightmare event)

Backdrop: Ninety – School Blood (New for Once Upon A Nightmare event)