Fantasy Faire 2017

Official Press Release

Another year and Fantasy Faire is coming up. It runs from April 20-30th with a silent auction and lots of Relay For Life items. I believe there will be a hunt coming as well. I will be blogging all that I can while the faire is going on. If you need more info or want to see what stores are on what sims then check out the main website.

Home Sweet Home!

Lately I’ve been getting into a certain style, it’s called Pastel Goth. I know a lot of people don’t understand it but it’s on the side of goth but with a little pastel colors thrown in. It’s really something, anyways because I’ve recently been made a Sweet Things blogger I’ve been able to enhance my Pastel Goth wardrobe and this outfit is perfect for it, it’s going to be at Fitmesh and once I find the slurl I will update my post with the slurl so you can get the dress. It comes in two colors pink (which I love) and white, I’m wearing the white in the photos. Also ChiMia is going to be at Reduex very soon so they have some older items put out so make sure to pop on over there and grab what I posted.


Eyes: {Song} – Misa – Snow (Cutie Loot Item)

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Danni Applier – America (New @ Collabor88)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Eye Shadow Applier: Izzie’s – Glossy Spring Eyeshadow (New VIP Gift)

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Bunny Make-up (Free Gift for Easter)

Hair: TRUTH – Cheri – Pastel Pack (New @ UBER)

Mesh Ears: *Tentacio* – My Kawaii Ears (Cutie Loot Item)

Body: Maitreya

Dress: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Celin Dress – White (New @ FitMesh)

Choker: ^^Swallow^^ – Harl3y Quinn – PUDDIN Collar 0.1

Boots: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Maja Boots – Black (Found in the Celin Dress pack)

Pose: oOo Stuido Poses – Paulina

By the way I fully know that the other pictures the shelves are not rezzed in but I was pressed for time (had rl work) so I wasn’t able to redo them.


Shelves: ChiMia – Industrial Shelving (Reduex item starts April 14)

Coffee Table: ChiMia – Upcycled Coffee Table (Reduex item starts April 14)

Laptop: ChiMia – ChiBook Laptop (Reduex item starts April 14)

Daybed: ChiMia – Shabby DayBed (Reduex item starts April 14)

Picture 1: ChiMia – Old Parts Wall Art – Wood (Reduex item starts April 14)

Picture 2: ChiMia – Old Phone Parts Wall Art – Wood (Reduex item starts April 14)

Plants: {what next} – House Plants – Agave, Rubber, and Eucalyptus (Past FLF item)

Skybox: ChiMia – Neutral Apartment (Reduex item starts April 14)

I Don’t Need Music To Dance!

This is a very rushed blogpost and I was being kind of lazy. Anyways I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves and don’t forget to hit up TLC before it closes this month to get this decor set. It has texture change hud with lots of options for the curtains and the chair fabric.


Eyes: {Song} – Ren Eyes – Stone (Cutie Loot Item)

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Cute Zoella Applier – America (Past FLF item)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Make-Up Appliers: All Izzie’s

Hair: !Oleander – Lynn – Galaxy Tones (Past FLF item)

Body: Maitreya

Hoodie: Foxes – Luxebox – Teddy Bear Hoodie (For March Luxebox)

Skirt: Tres Blah – Juniper Mini Skirt (For March Luxebox)

Choker: #Empire – Choker

Shoes: .::Sweet little Things::. – Kim Ballerinas

Pose: oOo Stuido Poses – Ballerina


Curtains and Desk Decor: ChiMia – Jones Set (New @ TLC)

Skybox: tarte – Brookelyn Skybox (For March Luxebox)

I Love Naps!!!

I love naps, I mean who doesn’t like a nice nap with dreaming and thinking of things. It’s a great way to release some tension and destress yourself. You don’t have to worry about anything  in your waking life. I love to dream that’s why this round of Collabor88 is one of my favorites they’ve done, it’s all about naps and being lazy and that’s how I like to spend my weekends. Everything about this round makes me want it in RL. Also these heels I know the bows are black but they work with the outfit, anyways they are so cute and are by Sweet Little Things for Designer Expo Event, that runs until the 25th of this month so go get it. Also don’t forget about this round of Collabor88 there’s a ton of things to get.

I wanted this to look like she was dreaming or thinking about her dream…

Also I put no make-up on the head because I wanted to be natural


Eyes: {Song} – Ren Eyes – Pale Green (Cutie Loot Item

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Reya Applier – Artic (New @ Collab88)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Hair: Exile – Not Today – Natural Fusion Pack (New @ Collab88)

Body: Maitreya

Cardigan: ISON – Agnes Cardigan (New @ Collab88)

Nightgown: ISON – Faye Silk Slip (New @ Collab88)

Shoes: .::Sweet little Things::. – Rose Heels (New @ Designer Expose Event)

Pose: Kirin (old FLF items)


Bed: Kalopsia – Faith’s Bed Adult (New @ Collab88)

Night Stand: Kalopsia – Faith’s Side Table (New @ Collab88)

Lamp: Kalopsia – Faith’s Lap (New @ Collab88)

Rug: Kalosia – Faith’s Rugs (New @ Collab88)

Plant on Nightstand: Faith’s Stand & Deco – Fait’s Copper Mug (New @ Collab88)

Potted Plant: Dust Bunny – Snake Plant (New @ Collab88)

Pictures on the Wall: {What Next} – Lazy & Chill Framed Prints – Pink (New @ Collab88)

Games and Snacks: Second Spaces – Lazy Day Provisions (New @ Collab88)

Record Rack: Dust Bunny – Wire Record Rack (New @ Collab88)

Record Player: Dust Bunny – Briefcase Record Player – Pink (New @ Collab88)

Pillows and Blankets: Second Spaces – Lazy Day Cozy Set – I Like Naps and You (New @ Collab88)

Building: [BA] Barnesworth Anubis – Bannock Cottage (New @ Collab88)

It’s Storytime!

Gather round it’s story time…hehe! There’s still time to get to Collabor88 and get everything I’m wearing. So go…NOW! Also I have some new things that I’m blogging from a store called ChiaMia. They have awesome furniture and the owners are really nice and now some friends of mine as of now. So you’ll be seeing a lot of them from now on which is awesome. Anyways enjoy everything I’m wearing and go get everything.

P.S. I am so guilty of telling myself that I’m only going to read just one more chapter but end up reading 10.

reading_001 reading2_001


Eyes: {Song} – Chin – Dark Green

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Minerva Applier – Artic (New @ Collab88)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Hair: Mithral – Patchouli – Ombre Pack (New @ Collab88)

Body: Maitreya

Shirt: The Secret Store – Irina Crop Sweater (New @ Collab88)

Skirt: The Secret Store – Yulia Flared Skirt (New @ Collab88)

Shoes: Fri.Day – Belle.Wedges – Antique (New @ Collab88)

Pose: Kirin (old FLF items)


Picture on the right: Second Spaces – Story Time – one more chapter (New @ Collab88)

Desk: ChiaMia – Adeliade Writing Desk

Chair: ChiaMia – Adelaide Chair

Computer: ChiaMia – ChiaBook Laptop

Lamp: ChiaMia – Art Deco Lamp

Chalkboard: ChiaMia – Blackboard Organizer

Couch: CheekyPea – Story Time Cuddle Sofa (New @ Collab88)

Book: Second Spaces – Story Time – Personal Library (New @ Collab88)

I Love the 90s

So I grew up in the 90s, by the end of the 90s I was in high school. It was a weird year for the most part lots of movies and fashion and t.v. shows coming on. So Rewind did a whole event dedicated to the event, and there’s still plenty of time to go and get all the most awesome 90s things. I hope to get back there again before it closes to get a few more pieces. My original idea was to do a whole Spice Girls inspired look but I just didn’t have time so I went with a more gungy look which was a must in the early 90s. So I hope you enjoy.



Eyes: Izzie’s – Lua Eyes – Green – Olive

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Lia K9 – America 02 (old gacha item)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Hair: Exile – Coming Up Daisies (no Headband)

Body: Maitreya

Lip Make-up: Izzie’s – Ombre Lipstick (New @ Rewind)

Eye Make-up: – Glam Affair – – Funky Make-up – Set 4 (New @ Rewind)

Outfit: Caboodle – Grunge Tee & Wrapped Shirt – Red (New @ Rewind)

Shoes: Fri.Day – Polley.Janes – Coal (New @ Rewind)

Jewelry: Izzie’s – Full Set 90s Jewelry (New @ Rewind)

Pose: Kirin (old FLF items)


This is like my first real post that I’ve done some decorating and I must say I am a little proud of myself for how it turned out and I really like it.



Bed: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Waterbed Set (New @ Rewind)

Cassette Holder: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Waterbed Set (New @ Rewind)

Lava Lamp: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Waterbed Set (New @ Rewind)

Posters on right side: Cheeky Pea Clarissa Water Bed Set (New @ Rewind)

Computer Desk: Nomad – Retro Gaming Desk and Chair (New @ Rewind)

Posters on back wall: -RC- – Teen Pop Posters (New @ Rewind)

Chair and Ottomon: Pilot – Inflatable Chair and Ottomon (New @ Rewind)

POBs: Pilot – POBs (New @ Rewind)

Pictures on left wall: Can’t Even – Lolli and Doe Foot (New @ Rewind)

Lets Skate!

The Seasons Story has started and *~*HopScotch*~* has made an awesome gacha, and there’s skates that you can attach to yourself and go skating with around the rare pond. I also took a picture or showed some of the pond so you got an idea of what it looked like. Also the outfit I’m wearing is from Ducknipple. So check everything out go play the gacha at The Seasons Story and have yourself a skating party before it melts away.





Eyes: Izzie’s – Lua Eyes – Blues – Ice

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Lia K9 – America 02 (old gacha item)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Hair: TRUTH – Kati – Red Pack (January VIP Group Gift)

Body: Maitreya

Full Outfit: Ducknipple – Outfit vs7

Pose: Izzie’s – Leaning Poses (Not sure if you can get them anymore)


All decor: *~*HopScotch*~* – Winter Pleasures Gacha (New @ The Seasons Story)

Scenic background: Ruca Tease Fashions – Winter Ice Skating Pond & Scene (Fo