Hi! I’m Christa Thespian…well Christa Thespian-Echos.

I’ve been in Secondlife since 2008, I first got started in the game because of a little show called Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl use to have their own sim based on the show. You could meet people who played the characters as avatars inworld. Since they closed the sim so long ago I wondered what I should do at that point. I was of course a Stripper but I’m no longer doing that. Then I got into roleplaying, I’ve always been a roleplayer and wondered if I could find a sim I could enjoy roleplaying at. Then I did a Harry Potter sim the sim has since closed down and I’m still a Harry Potter Roleplayer on another sim called Mischief Managed. The Harry Potter sim I meet on changed me, I meet a great guy Dustan Echos (hence the last name.) We were friends for a year and then we started dating in SL and I never thought it would happen again I had bad luck with another guy I dated in second life. Dustan was like home for me, he came to my state and visited a few times and then he moved to my state. We now live together in real life in an apartment. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in my soulmate, I hope to spend many years with him.  We’re also married in Sl with two amazing girls and we just renewed our wedding vows just last year on our anniversary.

Before I meet him I meet another man…well furry really…hehe! He became my master and I love my master very much. He got me into furry, I wasn’t always a fan of it but with him he makes it okay. I’m a brat to him at times, I’m very submissive.

There’s one last thing, I use to be an SL model I’m not anymore but sometimes I wish I could be.

Oh I’m also the blogger/manager for ChiaMia a great brand

And I DJ at Blithe