Got Candy?

Candy Fair has started and there are some really awesome things by some great designers. Also with any fair there’s of course gachas and mostly everything is a gacha…lol! Well the decor is, took me awhile to acquire everything. Also encase you haven’t noticed a theme there is…I was going for a green and purple motif and I think everything came out really good I’m really happy. Oh also these shoes are like so freaking cute…go get them…now! I’m hoping maybe the designer will release a darker color pallaette after the fair is over. Enjoy all the sweetness and perhaps try a candied apple.

sweet_001 sweet2_001 sweet4_001


Eyes: Lotus. – Sweet Eyes – Candy (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Head: Catwa Head – Destiny

Skin: [PF] – Doll V2

Make-Up: alaskametro ❤ – Sugar – Makeup Palette (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Body: Maitreya

Nails: alaskametro ❤ – Sweet Things – Allsorts (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Willa – Candy Fair 2016 Gift

Dress: [Decoy] – Sugar Savage Gacha – Witch Dress Purple (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Choker: [tea.s] – Frosting Choker – White (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Ring on Right Hand: Wime – Candy Diamond (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Ring on Left Hand: *~*HopScotch*~* – Wine Gum Ring Gacha – #14 (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Shoes: *Dilly Dolls* – Reese Pumps (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Pose: //elephante poses// – Let it Rain (New @ Candy Fair 2016)


Table: The Loft – Casolare Table – Bleached

PunchBowl: [LJ] – Gothic Lundheon – #1 Big Tree PunchBowl Rare (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Pumpkins: *Dilly Dolls* – HT Gacha – Pumpkin Candies (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Cake: Snoggs – SPider Cake (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Cookie Platter 1: []BH[] – Mummy Butter Plate (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Cookie Platter 2: []BH[] – Spider Cookie Plate (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Cupcakes: *Dilly Dolls* – Ht Gacha – Monster Cupcakes (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Lollipops: *Dilly Dolls* – HT Gacha – Eyepops (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Platter 1: [LJ] – Gothic Luncheon – #12 – Mini Pizza Platter (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Platter 2: [LJ] – Gothic Luncheon – #10 – Spooky Cookies (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Platter 3: [LJ] – Gothic Luncheon – #13 – Miss Argentina’s Vanilla Cupcakes Mystery Rare (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Apples: *Dilly Dolls – HT Gacha – Poisoned Apples (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Jars: *Dilly Dolls* – HT Gacha – Candy Jar Stand (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Bags: *Dilly Dolls* – HT Gacha – Treat Bags (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Balloons: *Dilly Dolls – HT Gacha – Balloon Cluster 2 (Gacha @ Candy Fair 2016)

Spider Web: BananaN – Spider Web w/ treats – Purple (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Build: [ Organica ] – Ice Cream House – (New @ Candy Fair 2016)

Am I…Dead?

It’s been awhile since I posted but I’ve had some rl issues that prevented me from doing so for a long time. Anyways I’m not going to type much just that you all should check out Salem it’s amazing and it’s still going on until Halloween same with Uber it’s going on until the 25th of this month. One last thing I wanted my pictures to tell a story like the first one is “Oh my gosh I crashed my car and now I’m cold.” The Second one as if “Oh gosh what have I done and why am I still cold.” It’s also my first post with my new or new to me mesh head.

ohno_001 ohno2_001


Eyes: (SONG) – Lyn – Pale Green Eye

Head: Catwa Head – Destiny

Skin: -Glam Affair- – Aurella Applier – Polar 11 (New At Salem)

Body: Maitreya

Hair: TRUTH – Tyne – Ginger pack (New At Uber)

Sweater: ALT by TRUTH – College Sweater (New At Uber)

Skirt: ISON – Suede Skirt (New At Uber)

Jewelry: Cae – Spiderweb Collection (New At Salem)

Shoes: Fri.Day – Serina.Boots – Crimson (New At Salem)

Pose: !bang

Hair Fair 2016 Haul!

So I FINALLY managed to get over to Hair Fair and get all the lovely hair I want. I mostly went with stores that I know or have shopped at. This isn’t everything but this is everything I liked and loved and had to get…I think they all look good with my new skin and yes I only used one pose but that was on purpose, I wanted to focus on the hair not posing. Don’t forget to go to hair fair before it’s over.

Hair Fair 2016 there’s your taxi to the fair so hurry before it’s over.



Eyes: (SONG) – Lyn – Blue Eye

Skin: – Glam Affair – Niki – America (New at COllabor88)

Body: Maitreya

Tank: ISON – Lace-up Tank (Luxe Box Exclusive)

Hair Fair DEMO Group

It is that time of year again, Hair Fair 2016 starts this Saturday 16th July.

As always the demos will be released in the demo hair fair group. That way you can try them on before the fair even starts and makes it easier when shopping at the fair. It helps with lag when you’re walking around looking at all the stores. The demos will be sent out this Friday that’s 24 hours before the fair starts…how exciting.

So join the demo group it’s free and grab all those demos for stores you love and the stores that are new to you.

Copy and past the the following into local chat in Second Life and join the Hair Fair DEMO Group


Remember all donations during the fair will go to wigs for kids and amazing cause.


The Crystal Heart!

So the Crystal Heart Festival is in full swing and with a few weeks left you might want to head on over and get these awesome items. Also it’s with a heavy heart I must say that !bang is leaving SL, yes Luna is closing up her shop but not before pricing ALL her poses at 100L. The sale and her store ends on the 15th so make sure to get there before it’s over and they’re gone for good. Oh the shoes are by Fri.Day and for Crossroads a new event that I believe just started or is a couple of days in either way go and get these shoes. Oh I apologize for the Bindi on my forehead in the first picture I had no idea it wasn’t rezzed in all the way until I was done editing.

CHF1_001 CHF2_001



Eyes: (SONG) – Chin – Dark Green (New @ Crystal Heart Festival)

Hair: !Oleander – Catallena – Essential TOnes (past FLF item)

Head: Logo Alex

Skin for head: [Pink Fuel] – Sora – Alabastor skin update

Body: Maitreya

Nailpolish:Enfer Sombre – Magical Girl Nails (New @ Crystal Heart Festival)

Sweatshirt: .Atomic. – Sailor Scout Sweatshirt – Moon (New @ Crystal Heart Festival)

Skirt: Alyce – Circl Skirt

Purse: [Cosmic Dust] – La Lune Couture Purse – Noir (New @ Crystal Heart Festival)

Bindi: :Moon Amore: – Crystal Queen Gacha – Bindi – Blue (New @ Crystal Heart Festival)

Shoes: Fri. Day – Lulu.Booties – Cherry (New @ Crossroads)

Pose: !Bang (Closing soon)

Pulse Fundraiser!

There is an awesome cause fundraiser going on right now, it’s for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub attack in Orlando, Florida. My real life sister had a friend at the club the night it was attacked, he thankfully did not get hurt. Moving on to the event, most of the donations are 100% and there are some awesome designers for it so please go buy some awesome things and make a donation. Also there’s date auctions so make sure to bid on a date as well. Please make sure you go and buy some things and donate because no one should be killed on who they love.

pulse_001a pulse2_001



Eyes: -Labyrinth- – Natural Eyes – Green

Hair: !Oleander – Kkyung – Natural Tones

Head: Logo Alex

Skin for head: Glam Affair – Miriam – America (New @ Kustom9)

Body: Maitreya

Nailpolish: alaskametro – Pride Nail Art (Pulse Fundrasier)

Dress: [Cynful] – Lotta Sass Dress – Pulse Rainbow Special (Pulse Fundrasier)

Bracelets: Izzie’s – Pride Bracelet (Pulse Fundrasier)

Shoes: Reign. – Bow Wedge Flip Flops (Pulse Fundrasier)

Pose: //elephante poses// – Love (Pulse Fundrasier)

Beach Babe!

I am probably late with this post mainly because the event that I got everything at is almost over but as my RL took me away I had no control over that. At any cost these items can be found at SummerFest. The kick off event of the summer in my opinion, I love this event each year and this year was no different. I got most of my outfit from Paper Arrow and her items are just simply awesome. So make sure to head over to the event and pick up the swimsuit, they’re mix and match but I like matching mine. Oh also the skin is from Pink Fuel and Mochi did an awesome job of updating Doll V2 to include appliers for mesh heads, I think this looks awesome on my Logo Alex head.

beaching_001 beaching2_001 beachingcollage

Wanted to show a close up of these two items because they’re awesome. The bottoms on the right is the paper arrow item and the bottoms are so cute and feature this little heart cut out. The ones on the left are Fri.Day Sandals and they are so awesome I want them in real life.


Eyes: Atomic – Espionage – Steal

Hair: [e] – Lena – Exclusives (Free at Hairology)

Head: Logo Alex

Skin for head: [Pink Fuel] – Doll V2 – Make-up from Doll V2

Body: Maitreya

Swim Top: paper .arrow – – Flamingo (New @ Summerfest)

Swim Bottoms: paper .arrow – bikini.cheekies – Flamingo (New @ Summerfest)

Tank: paper .arrow – beach.tank – pink (New @ Summerfest)

Shoes: Fri.Day – Cleo.Sandals – Blush (New @ Summerfest)

Tattoo: Izzie’s – Metallic Arrow Tattoo (At Summerfest)

Pose: Kirin – Fun at the Beach (At Summerfest)