I’m A Hot Mess!

Happy New Year! Well almost, but this will be my last post of 2018 *cries* where did this year go? Seems like yesterday it was January of this year and now it’s almost 2019. Well I hope all of you will have a safe and happy new year, and seeing as that this post is just a little all over the place. There was no real direction with the outfit kind of just threw everything together, but I hope you enjoy! Also Imaginarium and NouveauxXmas end today so HURRY!



Eyes: {Song} – Pam Eyes (New @ Kustom9)

Hair: TRUTH – Joy (Current Group Gift)

Skin Applier: Pink Fuel – Ffion – Vanilla

Eyeshadow: Zombie Suicide – Cloey Shadows

Nails: DP – Koffin nails – naughty or nice – w pink (New @ Imaginarium)

Dress: Belle Epoque – Pink (New @ N21)

Earrings: Kbitz – Lola’s Earrings – Silver (New @ N21)

Shoe: Dilly Dolls – Trinity Boots (New @ NouveauxXmas)

Choker: Zombie Suicide – Donut Collar

Poses: FoxCity – High Flyer Bento Pose Set

Santa Baby!

Been awhile since I last posted but here it is, not much to say but just a side not the Snowbound Hunt ends the 12th. I thought it was until the end of the month but I was wrong. Anyways it’s a sim-wide hunt with prizes ranging from 0-25L and some designers have more than one item out. So hurry and find everything before it’s too late.



Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Daisy Eyes (New For AnyBody)

Hair: TRUTH – Teila (Current Group Gift)

Skin Applier: Pink Fuel – Minji – Vanilla

Nails: DP – Koffin nails – Modern Holiday – Gold (New for Snowbound Hunt)

Dress: Valentina E. – It’s a Wrap Dress – Red (New @ Christmas Around the World)

Jewelry Set: CAE – Tannenbaum

Shoe: REIGN – Hilton Pumps (New @ COllabor88)

Poses: SEmotion – Female Bento Modeling Poses – Set 45 (New @ Christmas Around the World)

Window Decor: Zombie Suicide – Crescent Moon Decor – Lime (New for Snowbound Hunt)

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

First off it’s my Rezzday I’ve been in Second Life for 10 long years…hehe! It’s been up and down rollercoaster but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Moving on I know it’s been awhile since my last post and it’s not without trying, but I’ve been working a lot (dang retail) and this past week my mom was in the hospital (she’s fine now) so there was that. Now on to the outfit, I know I wore the dress in my last post but Dilly Dolls released it again as a mainstore item it’s so pretty and cute. Now all my Zombie Suicide items can be found at the mainstore. That’s all for now.

By the way I know there’s that weird line thingie but I just didn’t have time to redo it.


Eyes: <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lanisha/82/143/23″>Zombie Suicide</a> – Fate Eyes (Saturday Sale Shoppers item)

Hair: <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Offbeat/110/93/27″>Astrology</a&gt; – Magenta (Saturday Sale Shoppers item)

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Elvira Applier – 005 <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/kustom9/122/128/22″>(New @ Kustom9)</a>

Nails: <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lanisha/82/143/23″>Zombie Suicide</a> – Nails Pack – Two-Toned

Dress: <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onyx%20Noir/128/36/25″>Dilly Dolls</a> – Lia Dress Full (Mainstore Release)

Jewelry Set: Fortuna – Ivory <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/142/126/1501″>(New @ Sense Event)</a>

Shoe: <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/White%20River%20Farms/141/126/32″>Fri.Day</a&gt; – Sabrina Booties – Camel

Poses: <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lanisha/82/143/23″>Zombie Suicide</a> – Ben Bento Animation Pack

I’m So Thirsty!

So I have a few previews from different Halloween events going around on the grid. Some don’t start quite yet but those that do go get these items now. The Hocus Pocus item(s) starts the 25th



Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Magik Eyes (New @ Magik Event)

Hair: Exile – Laugh at You

Eyeshadow: VileCult – Evenlyn (For SLS Trick or Treat Event)

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Black Lipstick (Gift)

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Cordelia Applier (Halloween Group Gift)

Nails: DP Koffin Nails – Emtwined Tips (For SLS Trick or Treat Event)

Dress: Dilly Dolls – Lia Striped Dress (Preview item for Hocus Pocus Event)

Shoes: Dilly Dolls – Web Shoes (For Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt)

Necklace: Accolade – Web One (For SLS Trick or Treat Event)

Poses: FoxCity – Thirsty Bento Set

Evil Is The New Black!

It’s another frighteningly good Fifty Linden Friday…(inserts evil laugh) so make sure to stop over that blood puddle and get all the haunting items before the day is over. Happy Weekend….ha ha ha! Also the nails I am not sure if they are at the mainstore or not.



Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Chris Eyes

Hair: TRUTH – Batty (VIP Group Gift)

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Dorothy Applier – #7 (New for Arcade Spooktacular)

Nails: DP Koffin Nails – Elegant Twist

Dress: REIGN – Robichaux Uniforn (Out for Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Stockings: Fri.Day – Abbey Socks – Bloody (Out for Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Shoes: REIGN – Robichaux Booties (Out for Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Poses: FoxCity – Silhouette

Happy Fall Y’all!

I know I’m late with a fall post but here we are…lol! Anyways I’ve been accepted to be a Second Life Syndicate blogger and this is my first post. Guess this event happens around the first Sunday of every month. http://secondlifesyndicate.com/ You can find more information on the website there. Also my top is from Tetra which was Available for 50L Friday yesterday but you can still get it for 50$L so hurry and get it today. Well have fun playing in some leaves and have a happy weekend everyone.


Eyes: [Buzz] – Simplicity Eyes – Blues Pack (New @ N21)

Hair: TRUTH – Aislin (New @ UBER)

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Maze Applier – Shy (Past Group Gift)

Nails: DP Koffin Nails – Autumn Fades (New for SLS)

Top: Tetra – Kimmy off-shoulder sweatshirt – Nude

Jeans: Blueberry – Jolene Jeans

Necklace: Fortuna – Lovely Gacha – Platnium Eye Pendant (New @ Gachaland)

Piercing and Bindi: Astara – Aloha Piercing and Bindi (New for SLS)

Poses: Kirin – Autumn Leaves 1 and 2

Halloween Dreaming!

I’m dreaming of Halloween…lol Well it’s Friday and that means fifty linden Friday time so you can only get the things I’m wearing today. Also blush, gachaland (is coming) and the Dark Style Fair are all going on so make sure to head there and get some things.




Eyes: [Buzz] – Simplicity Eyes – Blues Pack (New @ N21)

Hair: Elikatira – Ada – Exclusives (Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Alice – Basic Line (Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Eye Liner: Zombie Suicide – Pastel Liner (New @ Blush)

Lipstick: Zombie Suicide – Pastel Lip Tint (New @ Blush)

Nails: DP Koffin Nails – Gravedigger Bloody (New @ Dark Style Fair)

Dress: .miss chelsea. – Tori Sweater Dress Halloween (Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Earrings: Zombie Suicide – Drop Crystal Earrings – Blue Mix RARE (New @ Gachaland)

Mouthie: Zombie Suicide – Mouth Fishies – Gachaland Exclusive (New @ Gachaland)

Shoes: *Tentacio* Vamp Sneakers (Fifty Linden Friday Today)

Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* – Porching Out New @ Pose Fair