The Hunted!

Fantasy Faire has started and the sims are all gorgeous. I hope you get time to get to the faire and maybe donate for Relay For Life. They always raise so much money for Relay for Life. Most of the items I’m wearing you can find at the fair on some of the various sims. The head chain though can be found at Zombie Suicide’s mainstore, so pick that up as it works perfectly for fantasy faire. Enjoy the faire and have a good time.



Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Demon Eyes (New @ Fantasy Faire)

Hair: Exile – Live and Learn (New @ Collab88)

Skin Applier:! Lumae Catwa – Neoma – Nylisa (New @ Fantasy Faire)

Nail Polish: DP Koffin Nails – Sinful Beauty Silver (New @ Chapter Four)

Dress: Senzafine – Lothiriel Gown – Hope (New @ Fantasy Faire)

Jewelry: Fortuna – Ingrid Jewelry (New @ The Underdog Event)

Zombie Suicide – Kal Head Chain

Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* – Huntress 1 and 2

Love Thy Self!

Love thy self! I don’t always love myself but today I do, and because I’m loving myself I’m loving my boobs to because who doesn’t love boobs? Anyways some of these events are ending pretty soon so make sure to hit them up and grab all the goodies.


Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Suki Cat Eyes (New @ Limit8)

Hair: DOE – Sugar – Pastels

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Terry – Europa (New @ Collab88)

Nail Polish: DP Koffin Nails – Ebony Empress (New @ The Black Fair

Lingerie: Goth1c0 – Oscure Underwear – Witch (New @ Darkness Monthly Event)

Jewelry: Fortuna – Scarab Set (New For Pocket Gacha)

Toy: Zombie Suicide – Titty Toy Gacha – Rare 5

Pose: Foxcity – Angels

I Walk Alone!

Not much to say for today just a little update with some new things. The Darkness Chamber Fair closes on the 3st so that’s in a couple of days make sure to check it out. Anybody also closes next week on the 5th of April. Enjoy your weekend and your Holiday.


Eyes: Misschevious – Gothic Glare Gacha – Rainbow RARE

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Selene Hair (New @ Uber)

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Mindy (New @ Kinky)

Make-up: Glam Affair Cosmetics – Mindy (New @ Kinky)

Nail Polish: DP Koffin Nails – Purple Goth Princess – 10L Gift DP – Koffin Nails“>(New @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

Dress: :{MV}: – Nadya Cincher (For the Ostara Hunt)

Jewelry: Fortuna – Grace Set (New @ Avenue)

Shoes: [Breathe] – Kendra Heels – Black

Poses: Zombie Suicide – Love Me (New @ Anybody)

I Put A Spell On You!

I put a spell on you and now you’re mine…ha ha ha! I’ve got some more updates from the Ostara hunt. It’s almost over so make sure you get out there and find and get all these exclusive items. Also I’m digging this skin, I really like it, the only thing I’m not liking about my post is that the poses I used (From a past subscription box sorry) is too bright. Tried everything to make it darker so I hope that I did a good enough job. Also I hope you can see the eyes and the septum piercing from Zombie Suicide, they’re both amazing items. Also my outfit is a little plain and not much going on but I just love the whole outfit.



Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Ostara’s Eye (For the Ostara Hunt)

Hair: Magika – Fight Sleep

Skin Applier: Misschevious – Delora Skin – Pale (For the Ostara Hunt)

Nail Polish: DP – Koffin Nails – Spring Moon Goddess (For the Ostara Hunt)

Dress: Obliette – Maia Dress (For the Ostara Hunt)

Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Syn Septum Piercing (For the Ostara Hunt)

Head Tattoo: Misschevious – Crescent Cross (For the Ostara Hunt)

Shoes: Sweet Thing – Haru Street Stompers

Poses: BellePoses – Lydya (Might be at Mainstore, was in a pas subscription box)

The Moon Princess!

So I totally spaced on the fact that there was this hunt, an Ostara hunt. I was picked to be a blogger…yay! Anyways I had totally forgotten when the event ends and it ends on April 3rd. I wish I had a link to the website to show you all the neat stuff that you can hunt for but I don’t. So so so bad. Anyways I can tell you the hunt has a Wiccan, Equinox, NuGoth, Pastel Goth (so me), Fantasy, Soft Victorian theme.  So here’s some of the items you can find…good luck.

Update: I found the website…here it is


Eyes: TLB – Andromeda Eyes (For the Ostara Hunt)

Hair: TRUTh – Lilo – Rainbow

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – The Girl – America

Lip Applier: Misschevious – Paint it Black – Moon (For the Ostara Hunt)

Nail Polish: DP – Koffin Nails – Ostara’s Opus (For the Ostara Hunt)

Dress: Senzafine – Lexi Dress (For the Ostara Hunt)

Stockings Senzafine – Ostara’s Grace Stockings (For the Ostara Hunt)

Necklace: Astara – Moon Necklace (For the Ostara Hunt)

Bracelets: BOD – Devil Tali Bracelets (For the Ostara Hunt)

Shoes: Dilly Dolls – Reese Pumps

Poses: Go&See – BonBon (New @ Secret Hideout

Green With Envy!!!

So I guess I was too excited for my new purse to come in the mail…(hehe) that I tripped and fell down the stairs and now I have a horrible nose bleed. Does it look that bad? Kidding, all jokes aside this is just a small update…I’ve started blogging for a new store called Fortuna which you can see by the earrings that are shaped like flowers at the Sense Event and they are so pretty. Everything else is for this Finder’s Keepers Hunt, I don’t do many hunts but I have loved all the items I have gotten. Also the blood and eyeliner is by Zombie Suicide at Skin Fair. Though you might to hurry and get my items because the hunt ends this FRIDAY and I know Skin Fair will be ending soon.

So I wanted to include this shape ad because it’s a really nice bento shape…I don’t own a bento head but wanted to show you all it.



Eyes: Izzie’s – Wounded Angel Eyes

Hair: Exile – Maxine

Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Lidia – America (New @ Kustom9)

Eye Make-up: Zombie Suicide – Liners Pack 1 (New @ Skin Fair)

Nose Bleend: Zombie Suicide – Nose Bleed V2 (New @ Skin Fair)

Nail Polish: DP Passion – Pot of Gold (Finder’s Keepers Hunt Item)

Dress: Decoy – Lillie Dress – Grass Green (Finder’s Keepers Hunt Item)

Earrings: Fortuna – Bloom (New @ Sense Event)

Shoes: _CAndyDOll_ – Plastic Flats – White (Finder’s Keepers Hunt Item)

Poses: FOXCITY – Formal Vol1 Bento