One Of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong!

So I wasn’t sure how to go about blogging this outfit, it felt very casual but everything in the pictures around me are so girly and then I decided it should be like that rhyme “One of these things just doesn’t belong here, one thing is just not right.” Something like that, moving on the top and the bottom is both from .::Sweet Little Things::. and you can purchase them at the mainstore. They both fit Maitreya and has a hud to change the colors.

P.S. I do apologize if this is not the best, mentally and emotionally I am not feeling well.



Eyes: .tsg. – Magic Eyes – Green (Cutie Loot item)

Hair: TRUTH – Kare – Red Pack (May Group Gift)

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa – Destiny

Skin Applier: -Glam Affair- – Felicity – America (New @ Collabor88)

Shirt: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Susann Shirt

Necklace: Kibitz – Deathly Hallows Necklace – Silver

Bracelet: Wimey – Scholarly Bracelet

Pants and Boots: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Maja Pants with Boots

Pose: Kirin


Curatains: ChiMia – Jones Curtains (Special Edition for Secret Hideout)

All Plants and Planters: {What Next} – New for Collabor88

Sofa: +Half-Deer+ – Bunnylove Sofa – Blush – Family (New for Collabor88)

Pictures: ChiMia – Teddy, Lolita Cat, Bunny, and Sweet wall art (New @ Secret Hideout)

Vanity set: {moss&mink} – Vanity (Cutie Loot item)

Rugs: +Half-Deer+ – Rainbow Grass Rug

Enter The Fairies!

So Gacha Garden is in full swing and ChiMia and *~*HopScotch*~* both have such cute items out. When I first saw the *~*HopScotch*~* item I about died from how cute they are and I’ve always wanted a fairy door. I’m a believer of fairies, so these are just perfect. The ChiMia chair come in pretty colors and come with silver and gold metal, you can also adjust the size of both of these items. I had to resize the door so it matched with my petite avie. Also the dress is from Evie’s Closet and  it comes with a hat but I decided not to wear it.


Eyes: Earthstones – Petite Gem Eyes – Emerald

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Monique Petite Mesh Hair – Gingerbread

Body: +Fallen Goods Inc.+ – Royale – Pale

Dress: *EC* – Eden Fairy – Petite – Pink

Pose: Kirin


Fairy Door: *~*HopScotch*~* – Fairy Door – #7 (New @ Gacha Garden)

Chair: ChiMia – Folium Argent Chair – GP (New @ Gacha Garden)

Vase: Apple Fall – Roses Jug

Mail: Second Spaces – Cluttered House – Unopened Mail

Table: Cheeky Pea – Boho Console Table

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

It’s true what they say, “Home is Where the Heart is.”  Well most of these things you can get at Collabor88 but you want to hurry as the new round will start on May 8th. Also I might’ve missed the mark on this house which is a pose prop and probably the molehill gacha from *~*HopScotch*~* but she’ll more than likely have it at her mainstore so you can go and hit the gacha to get it. Well not much else to report so enjoy and happy shopping.


Eyes: {Song} – Misa – Lavendar (Cutie Loot Item)

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Danni Applier – Artic (New @ Collabor88)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Hair: Exile – Green Light – Red Pack (New @ Collabor88)

Body: Maitreya

Dress: The Secret Store – Sylva Dress (New @ Collabor88)

Necklace: (Yummy) – Quartz Charm Necklace (New @ N21)

Shoes: Fri.Day – Rita Sandals (New @ Collabor88)

Pose: ::WetCat:: &.:Lemon:. – 131 Backdrop


Rocking Chairs: {what next} – Palma Rocking Chairs (New @ Collabor88)

Table: {what next} – Palma Table (New @ Collabor88)

Decor: {what next} – Palma Decor (New @ Collabor88)

Porch Swing: {what next} – Bramley Porch Swing – White

Drapes: {what next} – Maison Drapes

Flowers: *~*HopScotch*~* – Stepping Stones – Flowers Shape 3 (Preview for Chapter Four)

Molehill: *~*HopScotch*~* – Molehill Gacha – Couple RARE

I’m So Cool!

It’s spring time so lots of colors, warmer weather, lovely furniture pieces, and also all kinds of events. This outfit just screamed spring so I took to my terrace in my house and set up the lovely bench from ChiMia for Bloom. I believe it’s still going on so hurry up before it’s over. Also with it being spring I decided to have some falling Sakura petals swirl all around me. Also FitMesh is a great event and Sweet Little Things is a part of it so this outfit is an exclusive piece for it…well I hope you can make it to these events and get these items.



Eyes: {Song} – Misa – Snow (Cutie Loot Item)

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Minerva Applier – Artic

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Eye Shadow Applier: Izzie’s – Mettalic Eye Shadow

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Cora Dark Matte Lipstick

Hair: !Oleander – Izzie – Galaxy Tone Pack (Past FLF item)

Mesh Ears: *Tentacio* – My Kawaii Ears (Cutie Loot Item)

Body: Maitreya

Dress and Shoes: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Sisann (Exclusive For FitMesh)

Necklace: Zombie Suicide – Unicorn Horn Necklace (Fantasy Faire 2017 Item)

Bracelets: ^^Swallow^^ – Harl3y Quinn Suicide Bracelet 0.1

Tattoo: -Endless Pain Tattoos- – Raven Tattoo (Fantasy Faire 2017 Item)

Pose: Kirin


Bench: ChiMia – Florentine Bench (New for Bloom)

Flowers: {what next} – Spring Tulip and Daffodil Planters

Vines: +Half-Deer+ – Climbing Vines

Petals: +Half-Deer+ – Sakura Petals – Pink Set

Location: My House

Fantasy Faire 2017

Official Press Release

Another year and Fantasy Faire is coming up. It runs from April 20-30th with a silent auction and lots of Relay For Life items. I believe there will be a hunt coming as well. I will be blogging all that I can while the faire is going on. If you need more info or want to see what stores are on what sims then check out the main website.

Home Sweet Home!

Lately I’ve been getting into a certain style, it’s called Pastel Goth. I know a lot of people don’t understand it but it’s on the side of goth but with a little pastel colors thrown in. It’s really something, anyways because I’ve recently been made a Sweet Things blogger I’ve been able to enhance my Pastel Goth wardrobe and this outfit is perfect for it, it’s going to be at Fitmesh and once I find the slurl I will update my post with the slurl so you can get the dress. It comes in two colors pink (which I love) and white, I’m wearing the white in the photos. Also ChiMia is going to be at Reduex very soon so they have some older items put out so make sure to pop on over there and grab what I posted.


Eyes: {Song} – Misa – Snow (Cutie Loot Item)

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Danni Applier – America (New @ Collabor88)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Eye Shadow Applier: Izzie’s – Glossy Spring Eyeshadow (New VIP Gift)

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Bunny Make-up (Free Gift for Easter)

Hair: TRUTH – Cheri – Pastel Pack (New @ UBER)

Mesh Ears: *Tentacio* – My Kawaii Ears (Cutie Loot Item)

Body: Maitreya

Dress: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Celin Dress – White (New @ FitMesh)

Choker: ^^Swallow^^ – Harl3y Quinn – PUDDIN Collar 0.1

Boots: .::Sweet Little Things::. – Maja Boots – Black (Found in the Celin Dress pack)

Pose: oOo Stuido Poses – Paulina

By the way I fully know that the other pictures the shelves are not rezzed in but I was pressed for time (had rl work) so I wasn’t able to redo them.


Shelves: ChiMia – Industrial Shelving (Reduex item starts April 14)

Coffee Table: ChiMia – Upcycled Coffee Table (Reduex item starts April 14)

Laptop: ChiMia – ChiBook Laptop (Reduex item starts April 14)

Daybed: ChiMia – Shabby DayBed (Reduex item starts April 14)

Picture 1: ChiMia – Old Parts Wall Art – Wood (Reduex item starts April 14)

Picture 2: ChiMia – Old Phone Parts Wall Art – Wood (Reduex item starts April 14)

Plants: {what next} – House Plants – Agave, Rubber, and Eucalyptus (Past FLF item)

Skybox: ChiMia – Neutral Apartment (Reduex item starts April 14)

I Don’t Need Music To Dance!

This is a very rushed blogpost and I was being kind of lazy. Anyways I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves and don’t forget to hit up TLC before it closes this month to get this decor set. It has texture change hud with lots of options for the curtains and the chair fabric.


Eyes: {Song} – Ren Eyes – Stone (Cutie Loot Item)

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Cute Zoella Applier – America (Past FLF item)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Make-Up Appliers: All Izzie’s

Hair: !Oleander – Lynn – Galaxy Tones (Past FLF item)

Body: Maitreya

Hoodie: Foxes – Luxebox – Teddy Bear Hoodie (For March Luxebox)

Skirt: Tres Blah – Juniper Mini Skirt (For March Luxebox)

Choker: #Empire – Choker

Shoes: .::Sweet little Things::. – Kim Ballerinas

Pose: oOo Stuido Poses – Ballerina


Curtains and Desk Decor: ChiMia – Jones Set (New @ TLC)

Skybox: tarte – Brookelyn Skybox (For March Luxebox)