I Love the 90s

So I grew up in the 90s, by the end of the 90s I was in high school. It was a weird year for the most part lots of movies and fashion and t.v. shows coming on. So Rewind did a whole event dedicated to the event, and there’s still plenty of time to go and get all the most awesome 90s things. I hope to get back there again before it closes to get a few more pieces. My original idea was to do a whole Spice Girls inspired look but I just didn’t have time so I went with a more gungy look which was a must in the early 90s. So I hope you enjoy.



Eyes: Izzie’s – Lua Eyes – Green – Olive

Skin Applier: – Glam Affair – Lia K9 – America 02 (old gacha item)

Head: Catwa – Destiny Head

Hair: Exile – Coming Up Daisies (no Headband)

Body: Maitreya

Lip Make-up: Izzie’s – Ombre Lipstick (New @ Rewind)

Eye Make-up: – Glam Affair – – Funky Make-up – Set 4 (New @ Rewind)

Outfit: Caboodle – Grunge Tee & Wrapped Shirt – Red (New @ Rewind)

Shoes: Fri.Day – Polley.Janes – Coal (New @ Rewind)

Jewelry: Izzie’s – Full Set 90s Jewelry (New @ Rewind)

Pose: Kirin (old FLF items)


This is like my first real post that I’ve done some decorating and I must say I am a little proud of myself for how it turned out and I really like it.



Bed: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Waterbed Set (New @ Rewind)

Cassette Holder: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Waterbed Set (New @ Rewind)

Lava Lamp: Cheeky Pea – Clarissa Waterbed Set (New @ Rewind)

Posters on right side: Cheeky Pea Clarissa Water Bed Set (New @ Rewind)

Computer Desk: Nomad – Retro Gaming Desk and Chair (New @ Rewind)

Posters on back wall: -RC- – Teen Pop Posters (New @ Rewind)

Chair and Ottomon: Pilot – Inflatable Chair and Ottomon (New @ Rewind)

POBs: Pilot – POBs (New @ Rewind)

Pictures on left wall: Can’t Even – Lolli and Doe Foot (New @ Rewind)

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