Another Day at the Office!

She rips into the office like a bat out of hell and screams at her secretary “COFFEE NOW!” The new secretary yipes in fright and scurries to get her boss the coffee she obviously needs. The woman was powerful and demanding and everyone in the office knew it, they all ran in fear from her whenever she saw her coming. Today was no exception as she walked into her office in her 20.FIVE pencil skirt and jacket from the same place. Her Fri.Day heels clicked on the tile floor as she made her way over to her desk adjusting her tres blah top. Sitting behind her desk the scared secretary came in and she the coffee down to which she replied “About time, and send in Johnson I need a word with him.” That was never a good sign and the secretary left and soon Johnson entered the room “Sit!” He sat and gulped and she crossed her fingers and looked over at him and Johnson’s palms started to sweat… “Do you know why I brought you here Johnson.” He shook his head and she sighed, “Well let’s put it this way… YOU’RE FIRED! Go see what’s her face for your last paycheck.” Meaning the secretary, Johnson left the office a little sadder than when he walked in. Smiling her devilish smile she turned her chair to the view and said “What a good day!”

Alright I hoped you like this little blog story…don’t forget to get all the items featured in my pics

office_001 office2_001


Skin: -Belleza- – Ashley Skin – Glamour Puss (Past FLF item)

Eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes – Sahara

Hair: Exile – Letters and Lipstick – Wild Fusion

Eyelashes: ATIA’S – Happy Hour Lashes (On MP)

Jacket: 20.FIVE – Lipita Jacket

Undershirt: -tb- – Bardot Halter – Black

Skirt: 20.FIVE – Pencil Skirt

Necklace: Pure Poison – Laurette Necklace (Past Group Gift)

Shoes: – Isabelle.Heels – Crimson (NEW @ Uber)

Poses: Le Poppycock – Frequency A and B (New @ Chapter 4)

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