New Goth on the Block!

I’ve got an update from SLX Outfit shop which is another sub-brand of Ducknipple. This outfit struck me as very goth so I gothed (totally aware that that’s not a word) and went to the Innsmouth sim because it was the best place I could think of. Now all of the accessories and shoes come with the outfit I just slapped on my Pink Fuel Skin, some lipstick and this awesome Little Bones hair snapped my pictures and voila… Well that’s all I’m gonna log in and go Arcade yardsale shopping…happy ARCADE!

got1_001 got2_001



Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora – Alabaster (Special Edition Skin with Alabaster Curvy Cleavage 3)

Eyes: IKON – Persepctive Eyes – Banshee

Eyelashes: Pink Fuel – Eyelashes – Dolly (Included in the Sora Alabaster Special Edition Skin)

Hair: Little Bones – Zeitgeist – Barbie/Bleached

Lipstick: Pink Fuel – INK Lipstick – Teeth

Outfit and Accessories: SLX Outfit – In Bloom

Pose: !bang

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