More Catch-Up Time!

I’ve got a bit of some more catch-up stuff and it’s from Dilly Dolls and Hopscotch as I’ve said I was focusing on my Candy Fair posts that I’ve let my stores take a back seat but that’s going to change soon. Anyways Dilly Dolls has some new items out and Hopscotch has these cute shoes that are out and ready for you all to buy. Now with the Hopscotch shoes they come in a black and white option and the hardware comes in a gold and silver I decided to use both options and showed them in the pic so every other picture has the black sole option with the gold hardware and the white soles have the silver option. As I’ve said each black and white sole option come with a gold and silver option on the hardware. Go get the shoes and pants and enjoy!

P.S. Oh yes the Hopscotch shoes are a SLINK add on so you MUST HAVE the Medium Barefeet or they wont fit!



Top Pictures:

*DD* – Ringmaster Boots – D-Violet

*DD* – Ringmaster Boots – L-Green

*DD* – Jill Pants – Plaid – Brown

Bottom Pictures

*DD* – Jill Pants – Denim – Blue

*DD* – Jill Pants – Argyle – Red

hop1 hop2


*~*Hopscotch*~* – Saretha Heels – All Colors Shown
Each shoe comes with a black&white option and gold or silver
Colors Include:
Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Mint, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow

Other Credits:

Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Honey – Candy Hearts

Feet: SLINK – Women’s Medium Barefeet – Rigged

Poses on most: Glitterati (On MP)

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