I’m a Shoe Addict!

Hi I’m Christa and I’m a shoe addict. Well that is with the right kinds of shoes…hehe! Anyways I’ve had several pair of Ducknipple shoes in my inventory they’re all new and they’re all Mesh. I just haven’t had anything to wear with them, so I just decided to put them into a collage and post them. So here they are and enjoy and don’t forget to go buy them.

PicMonkey Collage


Shoe1: Ducnipple – Marcy Winged Sneakers

Shoe2: Ducknipple – Nemo Sneakers

Shoe3: Ducknipple – Seabird Wedges – Patterns

Shoe4: Ducknipple – Seabird Wedges

Shoe5: Ducknipple Sweakers – Patterns

Shoe 6: Ducknipple Sweakers

Other Credits:
Skin:[Pink Fuel] – Alyx – Peach – Sultry
Poses: Glitterati (in world store closed)

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