First Day of Spring!

It’s the first day of spring even though its cold and there’s still snow out. Anyways since it is the first day of spring I decided to go skateboarding with the *Epic* skateboard that you can get at Perfect wardrobe. I tped over to Virtual Decay and decided to go skateboarding on the road, only problem I’m not very good at it so I was lucky a car didn’t run me over…hehe! I also bought a new dress and the skin is new they’re both at the Adore&Abhor 5th Anniversary shopping store so go and pick them up because they’re so cute. My jewelry is from Leonard NT and they’re actually from two different sets and I just smashed them together but I think they work together quite nicely. Of course I’m also wearing my engagement ring even if you can’t see it, I only wear it because if I don’t the sl fiance yells at me…hehe! So I’m off to go skateboarding some more and enjoy your first day of spring and the warm weather and the pretty clothes!

skateboard 1_001

skateboard 2_001

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