Hunt Items GALORE!

Spontaneous blog time…hehe! I love spontaneous blogs time even if no one reads them and only waits for my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge posts. Anyways these four items are from the TOSL Hunt and its to celebrate their birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOSL! Now the first three pics are from Alexohol which I love because I love that store and I love reviewing her stuff because I never have anything bad to say about the store and I own quite a bit from the store to so it’s an added plus. Now the last pic is from Lemondrop Shoppe and it’s the same owner as Alexohol and I love this store to because all my Hogwarts stuff or most of it has come from the store. The ONLY thing I observed was that the sweater in the back the bands around the arm the texture lines didn’t match up, that and I love the sweater I do but the right side looks a little jagged.  I hope I didn’t offend the owner because I love her stuff (insert sadface) anyways grab the items and they’re mesh as well which is awesome so happy hunting!


Pics 1-3 are from Alexohol

1. Shagger Dress (Mesh, I like the dress but it makes me look busty up top…hehe!)

2. Overflow Short Mesh Dress

3. Cabaret Martini Corset (not mesh)

Pic 4 is from Lemondrop Shoppe

4. Open Sweater (mesh)

Other Credits:

Hair: >TRUTH< Luna – Coca

Shirt: Inara Fantasy Couture – Risky Huff. (Hunt item no longer available)

Jeans: Fri.Day – Designer Jeans – Black

Tattoo: .  Sweet Sin . – My Spring


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