52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week 9: Dandelion!

I am later than I normally am on this because I was…um well lets just say I was busy with NSFW stuff….*blushes* Anyways I found this dress on Marketplace someone new I just meet saw it and I went and took a look at it and I actually liked it. When I put it on I got a very little house on the prairie feel so I slapped some boots on and white tights and decided to tp on over to one of my favorite places. It’s the feast sim if ya wanna know and I’ll be happy to give anyone an lm to the sim for those of you who want it. I love this sim because there’s so many areas to take pics at, and the last time I was here (see I’ll Wear My Pearls Post) I saw this log cabin and I figured this would be excellent for my post so I walked my cute girly booty over there and VIOLA PICS!  Now my eyelashes if you can see them are from L.Fauna and I had other eyelashes on but I was on Singularity and Singularity makes them look like a big black clump if anyone knows how to fix this please tell me! Anyways enough chatter enjoy!



Skin: Natural Beauty – Tulip – Pale – DB – Cl (cleavage)

Eyes: {BFBA} – Mist (1L on Marketplace)

Eyelashes: L.Fauna – Lashes [False]

Hair: Fri.Day – Hailey.2 – Thoughtful Brown


Dress: ::C’est la vie:: – Layered Dress – Dandelion

Tights: (slow Kitchen) Simple_Tights in White

Jewelry Set: *DECO* – Charming Set

Shoes: Surf Couture Co. – Olea Boots – Worn

Poses: [LAP]


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