52 Weeks of Color Challenge Week Three: Electric Indigo

Phew! My last post to get caught up I’ve never blogged this much in my life. Anyways this color is SUPPOSE to be electric indigo but I don’t really have much in Electric Indigo so I just choose a Royal Blue. This post is kind of funny because everything I’m wearing or mostly everything is from a sale event. The dress is from The Dressing Room and I blogged it for therumor.biz and I just HAD TO HAVE IT! I haven’t even wore it until now. This is royal blue so yes I’m cheating…lol. Oh I know my pics are small but click on them and they get bigger. Oh my ring is super pretty and I love butterflies, that’s all enjoy.

Again if you want info on the 52 weeks color challenge then go here —>Luna Jubilee


Skin: Natural Beauty – Tulip Special Edition – Medium CL DB (75L skin sale, this sale is sadly over I loved blogging it)

Eyes: Poetic Color – Ocean – Blue Surf Small

Hair: .:[Tiny Bird]:. – She Sell Seashells – Cocoa (I miss this store even though she’s still around it’s not the same :()


Dress: R.icielli – KUMI Minidress/ Royal Blue (The Dressing Room)

Necklace and Earrings: DECO – Black Pearl and Onyx (50L Friday when it was still alive)

Ring: Donna Flora – Butterfly Ring (Lucky Board Festivale)

Shoes: Fri.day – Dream Booties – Cobalt

Poses: Glitterati – Into the black


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