I’m Black and Blue!!!!

First off Happy New Year!!! Yay this is my first blog post of the New Year….Yippee!

Now on to the important stuff, I don’t know if most of you have been to this store but Black&Blue Outfitters is like the most awesome store I’ve ever found in SL. The owner Jacinda Jaxxon is super nice and super funny and I had the pleasure of getting talk to her just out of the blue because of a Landmark issue. How funny is that? Anyways her clothes are super cute and have a California beachy feel to them which is totally awesome. The prices of her clothes are very affordable. The dress I’m wearing is a somewhat new peice is a Snow Bunny dress she realesed for winter and its super cute I paired it with some ribbon leggings from last years [ATOMIC] VIP New Year’s Gift and I think it looks so cute. Oh and Black&Blue Outfitters has skin which is where this is from and I love it, its from the Black and Blue fair from summer of 2010 and on the back it has a tattoo of a fish so you don’t have to go searching for one to wear. One more thing the necklace its also from the Black and Blue fair its from Tik Tok this place also has awesome skins as well and other things like this necklace which I like with the outfit because I think it gives it a little pop from all the blue. Alright I’m off before I go on and on about Black&Blue Outfitters lol. Bye and Happy New Years!!!

Christa T.
P.S. Black&Blue Outfitters has men clothes to which is awesome but this slurl takes you to the women’s ONLY section of the store but you can find the store in search.

Hair: Fri.Day: Scarlette in Thoughtful Brown
Skin: Black&Blue Outfitters: Alyssa Skin in Black&Blue fair special-healthy in pale (can find this at the store)
Dress: Black&Blue Outfitters: Snow Bunny Dress in Sky
Leggings: [ATOMIC]: Ribbon Leggings (last year New Year’s Group Gift, dunno if the Ribbon Leggings are still avalible)
Shoes: Heart&Sole Shoes: Sassy Platnium (platnium hunt item but the shoe Sassy is avalible)
Necklace: Tik Tok: Chick Set-Black (Black and Blue Fair 2010 item)
Nails: CandyNail Cinderella
Poses 1&2: [LAP]
Chaise pose:[*Art Dummy*] Hang your heart here chaise. (This chaise is super cute and I left it rezzed in my house)

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