Save the boobs!

I know you all have been waiting patiently for a new blog post from me and here it is. I’m sorry its taken so long but as most of you know I’ve been sick with pneumonia and I’m still feeling its affects with this horrible cough. But enough of that on to the post, and yes this post is all about Breast Cancer Awareness since it is BCA month. This subject hits close to home with me as my mother was diagnos with it but lucky for my family they caught it super early treated it and she’s all better now. So yes I am naked in the picture and I forgot to add something to the pic when I was editing it so um yeah. Anyways I am in love with this hair peice its new from !Lamb and I NEVER EVER WANT TO TAKE IT OFF! hehe! And the shoes I absolutly love there from my favorite shoe place Heart & Sole and if you haven’t been there then what you waiting for go….LIKE NOW! Another place I like a lot if Candy Nail I love the glove nails as opposed to the prim nails but I love these prim nails there pretty and have hearts on them and I think they complement the panties (League) a lot. So anyways enjoy staring at my naked self or topless self and make sure you all check your boobs.

XOXO Christa T
P.S. there’s no slurls because I’m being lazy.

Hair: !Lamb: Surgar Hiccup redo in Twix (50L Friday item I believe she still has it in the store)

Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember Honey in Spring Baby (Project Themeory item dunno if this option is avalible in stores)

Panties: *League* Itty Bitty Tangas in Pink (50L Friday item)

Shoes: Heat & Sole: Satine

Nails: CandyNail #GG Love (I don’t think its avalible anymore it was a group gift)

Pose: Gliteratti: BCA #8

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