I’m not myself tonight

Hello everyone I know its been awhile since I posted but I haven’t been too inspired lately. Anyways I meet the owner of *Bellies* at a model casting and I started talking to him and he friended me and I told him about my blog so this blog is dedicated not only to that but because Libraries are cool and I think more people need to read. Oh and one thing I found out about the clothes is that there non-modify so I was a little upset when I couldn't fix a few things about the shirt, but the store is nice and he has a lot of cool things. Oh and I did these pics with my friend Rockstarroo GossipGirl because we don’t hang out a lot so yeah.

So I think me and Rocky were on the same wavelength because it seems we to went to the Fri.day sale she had a week ago because her hair and my jeans are from Fri.Day and I like the hair on her and I love these jeans I bought the fatpack because I am a fatpack hoar…lol. Anyways I wanted these pics to play out like a story like pic. 1 shows us working and me staring at her and then pic 2 shows me making a move on her and pic 3 shows her kicking me away because she’s not into me…lol So yes all the pics I edited the same way and I like it so if you don’t the :P.

Oh and also the laptop is from Glitterati and I LOVE it! Its awesome and has different poses and I thought it would be PERFECT here. One last thing the last pose is by Honey and Vinegar which is owned by Elipeka Yokosuka and Yasmino GossipGirl, the ONLY problem I had with the pose was that put me and Rocky on opposites side then I wanted but its still a cool pose. Alright I talked enough so enjoy the pics.
XOXO Christa T

On me:
Skin: *Candy Doll* Denisa Tanned for the black and blue fair
Hair:>TURTH< Skyla in COCOA
Shirt:*Bellies* Librarian Bundle Grey poet shirt and brown blazer
Jeans: Fri.day Low-rise Jeans gray skinny attachements
Shoes: House of Curio (HoC) HoCs lowtop-tied alternative (idk if there still being sold but there on Xstreet)
Nails: Flirt! Nails in Midnight Love
Necklace:Evica Key on a string Jewelry Fair 2009


Skin:Belleza Alyson Group Gift- Deep Tan
Hair: Fri.day Cassie in Browns
Shirt:Fri.day Runched Button Down in White
Skirt: *Linc.* Mini High Waisted Skirt-Pinstripe Black
Heels: Pixel Mode baby T’s plain in black
Glasses: Mustache Shades [The Blues]
Pericing: AITUI Septum and Lip Ring
Tattoo: AITUI Beautiful

Pose 1: Glitteratti Laptop freebie
Pose 2: Glitteratti We may or may not do it
Pose 3: Honey and Vinegar Master Karate

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2 thoughts on “I’m not myself tonight

  1. I really like these! So cute!! Are they done at Hogwarts? I don’t remember them having windows in the library but the pictures look great! ❤

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