Old McDonald had a Farm

Hey everyone here’s anothing blog done by me.  So anyways as you can see from my pictures that its a farm post, I dind’t think of doing this at first but when the ArmyOneSouce Community had a western theme event I figured I’d make a blog about it to even if I didn’t attend the event. And it too me FOREVER to find a good enough farm sim and I found this one, its really cute and pretty and you can actually live on the sim I was shocked when I saw that you can rent the area, its nice and quiet to so if you don’t want any nosey neighbors then that’s the place for you. Oh and also these boots are like to die for, I was looking around XstreetSL one day looking for western boots and I found these designed by Awori Cassaini, there’s a store in world as well. Oh and {paper.doll} came out with these tops that I thought looked so western that I paird it with some old {paper.doll} stuff I had in my inventory. And I figured I’d wear a hair peice that suits the outfit with some pigtails cause nothing says farm work like pigtails, I had orginally wanted a hat but all the hats I found were gross so thus the pigtails. Oh and the pose in the second pic is by Esme Milena and I absolutly love her poses and she has her own store called (with love and squalor) so go and get her poses you wont be sorry. Well I think I’ve talked enough enjoy my pics.

XOXO Christa

P.S. I am wearing a full face peircing in this if you can’t see. Oh and the last pic the pose is from LAP and its so cute it had different poses with this little flower, it was for 50L Friday but who knows it may be in stores.


Hair: ::69:: Brown Pigtails (I don’t exactly have the name of this hair piece)

Skin: (vive9) Marianne II in toast

Shirt: {paper.doll} Tied up Plaid-red

Shorts: {paper.coll} Low-rise cut offs – Blackwash (old paper.doll store)

Shoes: Awori Cassaini-Original Western Boots/Cowgirl Boots Brown

Piericing: [ATOMIC] Piercing Deviant

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos & Clothing- Sparking Stars

Pose 1: [LAP] 20/365 50L Friday pack

Pose 2: (With love and squalor) Confession of a pig

Pose 3: [LAP]-Love Spring in Oh No! 50L Friday

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