I’m So Sick

 I’m back! I know I’ve been gone for awhile but my RL was taking over my life and I wasn’t able to come and post my blog posts. But I’m back new and improved and even a new background its nice right????

   Ok I want to start off this blog by saying that when I took these pics I actually had a lot of fun doing it, the sim I took these in was a dark rp alleyish way and I figured if its a dark place I should wear something that’s euqally dark right? So I was going through my inventory thinking of what I could put together and then it hit me, I realized I had just gotten things from the clothing fair 2010 (when I got the top and skirt it was around the time the clothing fair was going on), and I peaced it together with other items I had in my inventory.

   So anyways the top and the skirt are both from Luck inc. and if you haven’t been to the store then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR. When I saw the pattern of the skirt I just had to have it in my slife.  And I am of course wearing a Wicked Tattoos & Clothing Tattoo I can’t help but wear there tattoos…hehe! Oh and also I would like to thank Kissez4u GossipGirl for turning me on to *Sheer* I took the slurl off her blog and I went there and I saw these torn leggings and I instantly fell in love. Now if you can see them I am wearing prim nails from Candy Nail, I love there nails but I’m not a prim nail girl but these worked perfectly with my outfit.  And the places that I got the boots and jewelry from are to die for so go and pick yourself some boots and jewelry up.

XOXO Christa Muah!

P.S. The first two poses are from PDA may they rest in peace.




Hair: TRUTH Kase in Espresso

Skin: (vive9) Marianne II Caramel in Cinnamon Toast (With Cleavage Enhancement)

Stop: *Linc* Cashmere top long Sleeves in Black (Clothing Fair 2010)

Skirt: *Linc* Ruffled miniskirt in flowers (Clothing Fair 2010)

Stockings: *Sheer* Very Torn in Black left side

Nails: Candy Nails in Zebra (There color change and profile pic giveaway)

Shoes: .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Black Leather boots in..Black

Jewelry: N*L (Noir Lilly) Hear Set (not sold in stores was part of a sim-wide valentine’s day hunt)

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos & Clothin-Serenity

Pose 1: PDA Goodbye

Pose 2: PDA Tchau

Pose 3: [LAP] 16/365

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