The Luckiest Day EVER!

 Hi everyone I know its been awhile since I posted again but I have an RL so 😛 hehe!

So anyways I had like the luckiest day EVER on SL and it wasn’t even on St. Patty’s Day, (btw happy belated st. patty’s day) and even though its Friday and it happened Thursday I’m posting it today. So I’m guessing you all want to know what actually happened to make me have the luckiest day ever on SL, well I’ll say it includes the word FREE! Hehe ok enough of the teasing I’ll tell ya.

What happened Thursday in the day and night!

Day time: Ok so I love and I mean L-O-V-E Heart&Sole shoes there more affordable and cuter than Stiletto Moody shoes, but anyways I walked into the store because the owner/designer has this old shoe sale wall and ALL and I mean ALL fatpacks are 250L so if you haven’t been there go now! So anyways the owner/designer was there and I was talking to her telling her how much I love her shoes and that I’ve been trying to win the ones in her MM board because there super cute. And you know what she did? SHE GAVE THEM TO ME FOR FREE! Great huh free shoes from the owner/designer.

Nighttime: Ok so I was 50L Friday shopping early because some places have there items out early, and Doppleganger inc. was on the list this time around which I was excited because I’m always trying to find things to wear with my Damaged Peg Leg pants. And I walked in and again the owner or part owner was there (can you see where this is and I was telling him how much I love the clothes there because I do and I told him how much I love my Damaged Peg Leg pants and he told me that they might come out with a whole collection of them (/me passes out now!) so I said great and I’d deffinatly be getting that fatpack. Anyways I had spied a dress and said to him there’s a dress I’ve got my eye on and he asked which one and I told him and you know what he did? HE GAVE ME THE WHOLE FATPACK OF JUNE BUG DRESSES FOR FREE! I could not believe it I thanked him so much and then I meet the designer/owner and thanked her as well.

So yeah I am so lucky to get a pair of shoes and a fatpack of dresses for FREE! Ok another thing before the details, the third pose is from a friend of mine named Kellotagnov GossipGirl (if I spell your name wrong me sorry) and she owns her own pose store called *Oh My Stars* and she gave me the pose in pic 3, now its a full body pose but I zoomed in on it to really show off the shoes, but yeah I wanted to give her the credit and let you all know. And the second pic is to show off the necklace its so smalland its still even small but I love it and thought it worked well with the dress. And these pics were taken on the Festivale’s new sim which is gorgeous and very springy so go and take pics. Now onto the pics and details.

XOXO Christa Muah!



Hair: TRUTH Mackenzie in espresso

Skin: (vive9) Demi [Caramel] in Pure Smoke (Going out of buisness)

Dress: Doppleganger in. June Bug dress in Bar Harbor Madras

Shoes: Heart&Sole GoGo in pink

Necklace: JCNY Gemini Birthstone Hyper Gems (Despite my SL rezzdate my RL zodiac symbol is Gemini)

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoo&Clothing Sparking Stars (I’m constantly wearing this one)

Pics taken on Festivale sim

Pose 1 [LAP] 20/335 50L Friday (This weeks)

Pose 2 [LAP] 17/335 50l Friday (This weeks)

Pose 3 *Oh My Stars* Shayann 2-for shoes

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