Hello its me again…hehe! I usually start some of my blogs off with some weird comment, I do it on myspace. Anyways how have all my followers been? Good! Well here we go! Ok so now when you look at my new pic its all pink, pink here, pink there, pink everywhere. Well that’s because I love pink, pink is one of my favorite colors in the world and when I saw this top I had to have it not just it was cute but because it was pink. Speaking of the top its from this place I found while doing the Shoes and Accessories hunt (fyi I still have not tried on all the hunt prizes..hehe) and I spent a good 30mins in the store just looking around at all the clothes cause they were just too darn cute NOT to look. The place I’m talking about is called -Myself- and honestly the clothes are super cute and at reasonable prices. I might’ve mentioned in an early blog about this store but if not then now you know, so I demand you go to the store and check out the clothes. And of course I am wearing a Wicked Tattoo, tattoo I am employed by them after all…hehe. Another thing I had mentioned before about {Violet Voltaire} and how I love her jewelery well here’s another peice from the store that was also on sale, I love the cupcake set because A. its pink and B. it matched well with the top and the nail polish works very well with the outfit as well. Oh and yes I am wearing my ETD  jeans and these shoes which I have every color they came in they were 10L and I know this is bad but I do not remember where I got them from it was so long ago when I bought them, so instead of the store in the details section I wrote down the shoe name. I know I’m a bad aspiring model not remembering a designer name but when you buy something from so long ago its kinda hard to remember where ya got them from. Ok well I guess that’s it for me enjoy the pic and please please please comment I’d really like to hear some feedback.

XOXO Christa.


Hair: TRUTH (I don’t think they sell this one but if so its called Gypsy)

Skin: Redgrave

Shirt: -Myself-

Jeans: ETD

Jewelery: {Violet Voltaire}

Shoes: [SF]

Nails: Sindecade

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos & Clothing

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