Rocker Girl!

Hello, it’s me Christa Thespian incase you forgot…hehe. Anyways lately I’ve been getting into the whole rocker chic aspect of Second Life fashion. I don’t really know what made me do it but yeah I have been, and from this photo I think I look HAWT! It’s actually not easy trying to get this kind of look but I think I did pretty well, if you think so to then hit me up with a comment I’d really like to know what you all think. So this pic was actually taken awhile ago I just hadn’t edited it and put it up on flickr and of course wordpress but here it is. Now a few things about the pic are…. the necklace, I absolutly love this necklace it’s from {Violet Voltaire} and I love her stuff, this necklace was on sale so I snatched it up and there’s a doll key that matches it. Another thing you may have noticed are the jeans yes I wear my ETD jeans a lot but I just love them oh so very much…hehe. And I love the place I got the skin, shirt, and gloves from, now you’ll see the skin a lot because I absolutly love the skin and bought the fatpack. One last thing is the peircings, now the one on my lip is from another peircing grouping from my other favorite store ATOMIC, see there peircings you can wear them together or seperatly so I chose to wear the lip one only. Ok so have fun looking at my pic.

XOXO Christa


Hair: TRUTH (I do not think they sell this one anymore but if they do its called Angel)

Skin: {Paper.Doll} (The new store.)

Shirt: {Paper.Doll}

Gloves: {Paper.Doll}

Jeans: ETD

Shoes: Casa De Shai

Nose Peircing: LD Jewelery

Lip Pericing: ATOMIC

Necklace: {Violet Voltaire}

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos & Clothing

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