It’s Nekolicious….

Ok so most of the people I know, know that I like to go neko. I mean who wouldn’t you get to be a half-cat/half-human, now I try to do the whole punkish looking neko but sometimes it doesn’t always work out how I want to. And I wanted to showcase myself as a neko because yet again I am an aspiring Second Life Model and I wanted to show how versatile I am. Now with this pic I did a close up as well only because there’s something in my mouth and what’s in my mouth is an ice cube. The ice cube came with the shirt that I got from ATOMIC it was for 10L for a limited offer at their original store. I love ATOMIC I have most of there clothes from the ATOMIC on the ATOMIC island sim. And I love this shirt because it says JUST CHILL! Which I think is perfect because certain people I know need to do just that CHILL! Now the way I edited this pic you can’t see my ears but I am wearing ears it doesn’t help that the hair is all over the place as well, but this is also not the normal hair I wear with my neko look. I am usually wearing a white hair piece but someone gave me that so I don’t know what store it came from. And also you’ll notice the tatoo I’m wearing this is the ONLY tattoo that’s not from Wicked Tattoos & Clothing, I am only wearing this one because I felt that it worked better with the outfit, but the tail is from Wicked Tattoos & Clothing. Oh and the skin and eyes are from a place called Sindecade, it’s funny how I came about this store I was on XSTREET and I saw the banner for it and I wanted to see what it was so I went to the store and I saw the skins and I absolutly LOVED them, and there awesome skins to they come in different makeup colors with matching eyes and eyelashes and they come in 3 different skin tones. When I saw it I bought the fatpack because you can’t choose which one to buy sperately you have to buy the whole pack.

 Hair: P.E.

Skin and Eyes: Sindecade

Ice Cube and Shirt: ATOMIC (No longer sold)

Jeans: {paper.doll} ( she has a new store which is where I got the jeans from)

Shoes: KatatOnik (only 1L go buy them now)

Tattoo: Sn@tch (Nightmare Eden Hunt, this was a sim wide hunt it was pretty fun to)

Jewelry: Urban Dare (This place has some good neko stuff)

Ears: Nosotr@s (^V^DarkKatz^V^ Hunt)

Tail: Wicked Tattoos & Clothing

Nailpolish: Flirt Nails (if you can see it)

Pose: Billy Childish from PDA

Location: My house.


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