Wanting Summer to come!

Hello it’s me again…lol. I know I already posted a blog today but I’m posting another one, see I have several pics that I’ve been taking in Second Life world. I have yet to post them and edit them so now I’m starting to do it. This pic that I’m showing you is actually for a runway graduation show I’m going to be in…hopefully. And also cause I live in Illinois and it’s cold here so I’m hoping by posting this picture of me in a swimsuit that Summer will come early. I’ve had this particular swimsuit in my inventory for awhile, I got it from Nyte N’ Day. And yes this is the same skin I’m wearing in my pervious picture, I like to wear this skin a lot and also in some of my pics I’ll post later I wear jeans by ETD (Elikipeka Tiramisu Designs).  I also wanted to showcase how I can be versitile in my modeling that I can be a glamour model or a swimsuit model.

Hair: Novacaine

Skin: Redgrave

Swimsuit: Nyte N’ Day

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos & Clothing

Shoes: Miatreya (I purchased these at the 2009 shoe fair and I bought the fatpack to so these’ll pop up a lot)

Belly ring: Dionysia Designs (Jewelry Fair 2009 item.)


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