My first post

Hello everyone, my name is obviously Christa Thespian, I play Second Life. I’m a model in process and one of the agencies I have been signed with has suggested that we start our own blog for designers and things to view us, so here I am…lol. I’ll be posting pictures and trying to update as much as possible, I’m back in school so that’ll take much of my time. And I’ve messed up on my blog name so anyone that reads this if you can make a comment on how to change the blog title then I’d be forever grateful. Ok so moving on, this first pic that I’m posting was just an out of the blue pic, I had gotten these pointed ears from Scribble. They were on sale for the 50L friday one time but I missed out on them because I originally didn’t like them, well needless to say I went back and got them. And another thing all of the tattoos that I wear in my pics are from Wicked Tattoos & Clothing. I am completely and utterly in love with that store, and now I get my clothes for free because I’m there live model. Another thing with this pic is that I don’t have photoshop I use a program called picnik, so it’s not like other pics but I’m doing what I can with it. And also there are two views of this first pic because I wanted to show off the peircings and the eyelashes I was wearing with the outfit. I’ll go in full detail on everything in the pic.

Hat and Hair : Fri.Day Jennifer (was a 50L item)

Shirt: Autui

Jeans: ETD

Shoes: !MPOSSIBLE (step on it hunt)

Skin: Redgrave

Eyelashes: Cake

Belt: Atomic (this is the original version of this belt but they also have an updated version)

Peircing: (Star Peircing) [from the ^V^DarkKatz^V^ Hunt

Pointy Ears: Scribble

Eyes: Occular Oddities (from the Death Becomes her Hunt)

Gloves: {paper.doll}

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos & Clothing.


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